The Violin Guild (TVG) is Facebook’s largest and most popular forum for all bowed strings!  It has been endorsed by Shar Music, Southwest Strings, Buzzfeed, Fiddlershop, the Mind Over Finger podcast, and many more!  The forum was created in 2013 by violinist and composer Dr. Immanuel T. Abraham with support and co-administration from violinist Chloé Trevor.  In 2015, the CEO of “Late Starter Musician”, Jasmine Reese, became a TVG administrator.  In 2017, internationally renown violin soloist, Caroline Adomeit, also joined TVG’s administrative team.  The administrators work to maintain focused content, highly-exclusive membership, and to connect the string community around the Globe.


TVG is a unique platform of knowledge, experiene, and history of the violin's global family of instruments as well.  Popular bowed string instruments to see in TVG are the Ehru, Rebab, Hurdy-gurdy, Byzantine Lyra, Morin Khuur, Gudok, Octobass, Five and Six-String violin family instruments, the latest in electronic instruments, and more.  Sales of all these instruments, accessories, and sheet music are a supported and daily occurrence in The Violin Guild.

TVG's representation of musical genres includes jazz, fiddle, electronic, western classical, Indian classical, traditional Chinese, pop, fusions, and more.  There are masters of each genre who share their experience, recordings, and insight with the community.  Levels of skill in TVG  range from 1st-day beginners, to world-class Grammy Award winners.

The forum comprises over 30,000 bowed string players. Listed as an educational forum, it is highly informative across a broad spectrum.  All inquiries receive thorough and multi-sourced responses.  It is an invaluable recourse for the string community.

The 12 Community Rules:


• 1 All posts must predominantly relate to the use of bowed string instruments. This includes visual artwork.


• 2 Post and comment in English only.

(TVG is an English language forum. Many devices do not support translation yet and this was a problem in our past. We will update this as other means become available.)


• 3 Critique or advise on posts only if requested by the original poster. Advise via suggestion. Keep responses related to the original post.


• 4 When sharing media add text to your post in TVG including what it is, or why you are sharing it. Apply this even if repeating text from the original source.


• 5 Ads must come directly from the string artist(s) they promote, and may be repeated on Wednesdays and Fridays only.


• 6 Sale & Gig posts must include the price of the merchandise or pay rate. If a price seems impractical respect Rule #3— do not publicly criticize. Please report to an admin instead.


• 7 No unsolicited messaging, spamming, or adding of members. Please report this behavior if noticed.


• 8 No discouragement of musical endeavors or preferences. No negative posts targeting other string artists. (E.g. Mass critique of “Chinese instruments.”)


• 9 No passive aggression, sarcasm to others, angry-reacts, or laugh-reacts unless certain the original post is for humor.


• 10 No all-capitalized text except for correct-spelling or acronyms. This includes individual words.

(TVG is an international forum, and this is often interpreted as shouting when unintended.)


• 11 No demographic, political, theological, religious, or lewd references of any kind. Religious music is welcome avoiding these in the caption.


• 12 Contact TVG Creator ▶️ on this website or the link below:

–To have TVG promote you for free!

–To post from or about outside groups. (page shares are fine)

–Before posting if a rule is unclear.

–If a post or behavior concerns you. (Please do not address yourself.)


It is every member’s individual responsibility to honor these rules. We thank you, and welcome you!

Other Admins:

• Jasmine Reese

• Caroline Adomeit

• Chloé Trevor

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